Aston Villa join social media boycott

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  1. Perro Vivo
    Perro Vivo
    6 天 前


  2. Danny Brown
    Danny Brown
    7 天 前

    Well done Aston Villa FC

  3. The cure
    The cure
    7 天 前

    Its not just sports people who are victims, my god, you only have to post on YT and some key board warrior is lebelling you or using fowl and abusive langauge and its not just about racism either!

  4. Cameron Bridge
    Cameron Bridge
    7 天 前


  5. chero joyie
    chero joyie
    7 天 前

    # villa should buy Chris Wood next season and watkins can play wing an grealish should sign new contract so that they can reach a good place and the should sign Ross Barkley #

  6. Lourdes H
    Lourdes H
    8 天 前

    We are with you. UTV. Greetings from Costa Rica.

  7. Yellow Snowman
    Yellow Snowman
    8 天 前

    Dean Smith out

  8. J L
    J L
    8 天 前

    Shocking. It won’t solve anything .... it won’t stop it....... it’s all one way and Villa joining this woke nonsense is an utter sham. Shame on you for the rest of the fans and the wider world. Let the football do the talking, you’re not politicians, you’re athletes!

  9. Християн Митев
    Християн Митев
    8 天 前

    Better step your game up because if you are continuing To lose games you will be not in top 10 lol

  10. Brad The Impaler
    Brad The Impaler
    8 天 前

    This Woke, BLM, LGBT support and virtue signaling has turned me from a lifelong football/Aston Villa fan, into somebody who is now completely uninterested in football. Will not buy another shirt, attend or watch another match.

    1. Peter smith
      Peter smith
      8 天 前

      I agree in someways its the daily media forcing race down all our throats which is the actual problem and i too now dont watch the football because i know im gonna have to listen to atleast one thing about race lol and more to the point do rich football clubs and players ever do this for poor people the millions in this country who have been starving and suffering for over a decade due to extreme austerity measures no not a thing absolute disgrace

  11. Aston villa
    Aston villa
    9 天 前

    Bore off what about the real problems in this world

    1. Peter smith
      Peter smith
      8 天 前

      I actually agree i dont see football clubs or players doing this for the millions who have just had over a decade of cruel austerity and starvation

  12. Dec Av 1982
    Dec Av 1982
    9 天 前


  13. Владимир Петров
    Владимир Петров
    9 天 前

    Stop supporting this BLM sh*t. Just be nice to people, it'll do much more good.

  14. LambShanks
    9 天 前

    Twitter is a shit stain on the pants of society.. social media can be cancerous.. but sticks n stones n all that

  15. villan 61
    villan 61
    9 天 前

    V.T.I.D ⚽

  16. Hocane
    9 天 前

    Will do nothing. Trolls will troll. Really appreciate the intentions though.

  17. TheMeakster
    9 天 前

    So we're all on social media saying boycot social media, but only for a day or two.

    1. Peter smith
      Peter smith
      8 天 前

      Its the media itself which is the problem everyone should just turn it off forever televisions internet newspapers never pay or buy for it ever again because its just controlling you all your thoughts everything and without us none of them are worth a thing not even these players lol

  18. Liam Davies
    Liam Davies
    9 天 前

    Be interesting to see if the fan podcasts follow suit....

  19. Abhishek Tanwar
    Abhishek Tanwar
    9 天 前

    I hope grealish is fit to play against eve 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻

    1. Abhishek Tanwar
      Abhishek Tanwar
      9 天 前

      @Spyro Tek ☹️

    2. Spyro Tek
      Spyro Tek
      9 天 前

      He’s not.

  20. Poeticmic
    9 天 前

    It's great sentiment, but they're all talking like they've been held hostage and are having to read from a badly scribbled note 📝

    1. Peter smith
      Peter smith
      7 天 前

      I wont pay for football ever again still stand by it the cheek of them to punish all of us for one fan saying a bad word its a disgrace hope they go poor so they learn some respect

  21. Sul_Clanji
    9 天 前

    Racism is not good for football by being rude or being bullied this must stop nowwwww

  22. Enor 1x
    Enor 1x
    9 天 前

    This isnt gonna change anything

  23. Captain Hindsight
    Captain Hindsight
    9 天 前

    100% behind this, great stuff, wish it didn't have to happen though in the first place.

  24. Erisa Aston villa fan
    Erisa Aston villa fan
    9 天 前

    Good job Villa!🔥💪🏻👍🏻. UTV ⬆️

  25. Robert Peter White
    Robert Peter White
    9 天 前

    I have already started social media boycott. All the way with you all.

  26. Ardian Chanel
    Ardian Chanel
    9 天 前

    Greetings from indonesian

  27. Kevin Simpson
    Kevin Simpson
    9 天 前

    Well Done! From Kevin Simpson From Wallsend In The Northeast Of England A Lifetime Villa Fan! Hope You Win At Everton!

  28. Marcel Olszewski
    Marcel Olszewski
    9 天 前

    If someone dislikes this video they are racist

  29. Isotopo
    9 天 前

    Up the Villa 🦁💙💜 Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱

    9 天 前

    Stick and stones will break my bones. But names will never hurt me.

  31. Ciarli Del Buono
    Ciarli Del Buono
    9 天 前

    My club 💪

  32. Villa on the Road
    Villa on the Road
    9 天 前

    You can tell Grealish doesn’t care🤣🤣

  33. Kotor2187
    9 天 前


  34. Ian Beale
    Ian Beale
    9 天 前

    Sorry, can't understand a word any of these players are saying. I must be a bit Fick. Sorry, Thick. Why is it seen as normal these days to speak in such a slovenly manner ?

  35. Tom Williams
    Tom Williams
    9 天 前

    Yes yes yes lads I agree to what you r doing keep it up show racist will not be aloud utv

  36. bodie37
    9 天 前

    Well done Villa

  37. Edenilson Galdamez
    Edenilson Galdamez
    9 天 前

    💪💜 Come on Aston Villa

  38. Hudzaifah al-Jawi
    Hudzaifah al-Jawi
    9 天 前

    Greetings from Indonesia :v

  39. Gary C
    Gary C
    9 天 前

    Very disappointed.

  40. lbavfc123
    9 天 前

    Stunning and brave!! If you can’t handle comments on social media it is very simple, stop using it or block those making those comments, this virtue signalling is just laughable.

  41. Julian Sanchez Harris
    Julian Sanchez Harris
    9 天 前


  42. this is not real
    this is not real
    9 天 前

    All in the name of censorship.

  43. Ashy OG
    Ashy OG
    9 天 前

    UTV! 💜💙

  44. Simple Balance
    Simple Balance
    9 天 前


  45. Gazmus
    9 天 前

    Tyrone is staring so deep in to your soul

    1. Glenn Loughran
      Glenn Loughran
      9 天 前

      I wish he put as much passion into his game.

  46. Harry McGlynn
    Harry McGlynn
    9 天 前

    UTV 💜💙

    1. DaddyNabs 420
      DaddyNabs 420
      6 天 前

      We’ve got McGlynn, Super fan McGlynn, I just don’t think you understand...

  47. Philly #1 Coffee Snob
    Philly #1 Coffee Snob
    9 天 前

    Where's the applause button?

  48. Mac Adamia
    Mac Adamia
    9 天 前

    I agree with them all but Silicon Valley doesn’t give a flyer, and especially not about sportsman in another country.

  49. osmark86
    9 天 前

    Hear, hear

  50. Harry Hodson
    Harry Hodson
    9 天 前

    Well done lads

  51. Fuck the ESL
    Fuck the ESL
    9 天 前

    Not gonna help

    1. Craig Ward
      Craig Ward
      8 天 前

      ​@Aston villa Economic disparity, rampant drug use, reprobates on every street corner, outright corruption in every facet of the state, an education system that indoctrinates rather than educates....these are but a few of the issues which are causing the downfall of our society and which we should be fighting. But alas, we have multi-millionaires telling us to take a knee and boycott social media because they had their feelings hurt by mean words. One of the biggest problems is that sententious, breastbeating, liberals just look to blame white people for all the worlds ills. The whole idea of BLM is that only white people can be racist........if you study critical race theory (whence they derive their deluded philosophies) you soon realise that such types truly believe only white people can be racist and that you can be racist without even knowing it..... It's Orwells crimethink manifested. Sadly, Marxist ideology is now pervading all higher learning institutions wherein white people (especially those from the lower classes) are the most under-represented demographic. So you have middle class, Quasi-intellectual, people of colour being taught that they are oppressed and that every white person that doesn't agree with that fact is, ipso facto, a bigot. Sancta simplicitas!

    2. Aston villa
      Aston villa
      9 天 前

      @Craig Ward well said mate .what about taking a knee for the poor in this country or any other real problem mings is deluded he thinks he is important

    3. Frankley Talking
      Frankley Talking
      9 天 前

      @Craig Ward shocking but true

    4. premier leauge fan for life
      premier leauge fan for life
      9 天 前

      @Craig Ward same

    5. Craig Ward
      Craig Ward
      9 天 前 mean tokenistic gestures like this and taking a knee aren't stopping black people from stabbing each other on a daily basis????????? Im shocked :O

  52. Vijaygarv
    9 天 前

    Great stuff. UTV