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  1. Will AV
    Will AV
    22 天 前

    This hurts me 😭😭

  2. John Hackett
    John Hackett
    22 天 前

    I love of the crossbar

  3. Yahia Abdelkarim
    Yahia Abdelkarim
    29 天 前

    Can u please get trezeguet so send me a video in arabic or english of his response to this question - whats your best advice to become a pro football player? This would mean the world for me 😄

  4. FAVOR
    29 天 前

    Looser will always loose and just they will stay in premiere league is a dream of team ...... Average coach d Smith

  5. najma shaheen
    najma shaheen
    29 天 前

    Liverpool is The best they are gonna win today

  6. dean
    个月 前

    gtealish out injured vs Liverpool

  7. D4nc1ngbr4ve
    个月 前

    Can someone at villa Come out and tell the truth about jack plz we have heard coming from v.p. that Jack is battling some substance issues, plz stop mugging us off because this is a long-term issue as far as us fans that r watching our season bomb out down the bog we deserve better as fan who have suffered much more than most

  8. Nicholas Lawson
    Nicholas Lawson
    个月 前

    April is already better!!!

  9. Kai
    个月 前

    Bet cazoo was expecting to go bankrupt when we scored 24 goals in 3 months and now here we are 😅😐

  10. SharkSprayYTP
    个月 前

    this was pretty funny to be fair.

  11. Sky Sports Comment God
    Sky Sports Comment God
    个月 前

    This video is so embarrassing

  12. Efrain Firma
    Efrain Firma
    个月 前

    y donde esta mbappe xd

  13. FreshStandardz
    个月 前

    Oof 😰

  14. Ziometrix
    个月 前

    Grealish 😥

  15. Tom Gilly
    Tom Gilly
    个月 前

    We scored one goal in March

    1. Tom Gilly
      Tom Gilly
      29 天 前

      @Spyro Tek thanks 😂😂

    2. Spyro Tek
      Spyro Tek
      个月 前

      @Tom Gilly I can tell fella. Keep up the good work.

    3. Tom Gilly
      Tom Gilly
      个月 前

      @Spyro Tek yes I am a very talented detective

    4. Spyro Tek
      Spyro Tek
      个月 前

      Sherlock, is that you?

    5. dageaser 54
      dageaser 54
      个月 前

      It was an own goal as well 😂😂

  16. كرار الزبيدي
    كرار الزبيدي
    个月 前


  17. JJM JJM
    个月 前

    Goal of the month was hard to choose from

  18. Impulse Gmz
    Impulse Gmz
    个月 前