INTERVIEW | Mana Iwabuchi joins Aston Villa Women

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  1. Rafael Pereira Gomes
    Rafael Pereira Gomes
    个月 前

    The BEST!

  2. tanakara botamochi
    tanakara botamochi
    2 个月 前

    She is the first woman to appear on the cover of a Japanese soccer magazine.

  3. A Demosthenes
    A Demosthenes
    3 个月 前

    I wish i could watch Aston Villa games, Mana is the reason i been following the Japan national team since before they won the World cup, to me she is one of the most talented female players i have seen.

  4. Vincent Gallagher
    Vincent Gallagher
    3 个月 前

    One of the finest players in the world. Scored the goal of the year in 2020.

  5. Aston Villa
    Aston Villa
    3 个月 前


  6. Lonewulf
    3 个月 前

    すごい!よろしくお願いします、マナさん!頑張れ!Welcome to the best club in the Midlands, Aston Villa! 💜💙

  7. Anthony M
    Anthony M
    3 个月 前

    The female Maradona. What a massive signing for the women's team. Amazing player UTV.

  8. アストンミラニスタ
    3 个月 前


    3 个月 前

    Welcome to aston Villa Mana. You are very honourable and humble. I wish you very well in your future.

  10. 66 Smedrock
    66 Smedrock
    3 个月 前

    Beautiful women wish her the best. UTV 🦁

  11. Joe Skinner
    Joe Skinner
    3 个月 前

    Ok i cant be the only one that clicked this because they thought she was a bloke

  12. D'Ascoyne
    3 个月 前

    Are they any good?

    1. Demi Dunne
      Demi Dunne
      3 个月 前

      @D'Ascoyne oh i get it now

    2. D'Ascoyne
      3 个月 前

      @Demi Dunne That's right. Women's football is a totally different sport

    3. Demi Dunne
      Demi Dunne
      3 个月 前

      @D'Ascoyne but you said you watch real football

    4. D'Ascoyne
      3 个月 前

      @Demi Dunne That's not what I said. They must be good if they are champions

    5. Demi Dunne
      Demi Dunne
      3 个月 前

      @D'Ascoyne if your saying they are that bad why are you commenting on their post

  13. McGinn Enthusiast
    McGinn Enthusiast
    3 个月 前

    Welcome to Villa!

  14. Charlie.
    3 个月 前

    Big signing, welcome to the club!

  15. proto
    3 个月 前

    あなたの新しい旅の幸運を願います! あなたを応援します!🎌 She is a talented player. Good luck Aston Villa!! 👏👏👏

  16. JoseLuisDeka
    3 个月 前

  17. Stop asking where I am I quit
    Stop asking where I am I quit
    3 个月 前

    They’ve hit it big time come on utv

  18. hasaandoo
    3 个月 前

    Pride of Birmingham!

  19. JapaneseAjaxFanグリーズマン
    3 个月 前

    She is good player🇯🇵 よろしくねえ

  20. miwakuru 3896
    miwakuru 3896
    3 个月 前


  21. AJ
    3 个月 前

    Welcome to the 'Pride' of the Midlands. UTV 🦁

  22. Unbelievable
    3 个月 前

    I’m a villa person

  23. Abdi abdiros Den fede
    Abdi abdiros Den fede
    3 个月 前

    i am a big big big astonvilla fan